Funeral arrangements - Coffins & caskets

Showing decorum and respect at all times”.

Choose from coffins made from a variety of selected woods, veneers and other materials. All our solid wood coffins and caskets are hand made to order constructed with solid wood butt ends and bases.

We take great care to source sustainable products by only using products and timbers grown in renewable forests, for example:

  • All our MDF and chipboard coffins are produced using FSC mixed products. FSC status reassures consumers that the wood in our coffins are sourced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials.
  • English willow grown on the Somerset Levels part of the Somerset wetlands and only harvested during six weeks each spring.
  • Chinese bamboo cultivated in small, dispersed plots within plantations licensed by the Chinese Government in areas not populated by pandas.

To minimalise environmental impact, our products do not contain formaldehyde.


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What do you put on the coffin?

What can I add to the coffin?

Please note: Welham Jones reserves the right to change the specification of its products, and its chosen suppliers without notice.