Funeral arrangements - Repatriation Services

‘A wealth of professional knowledge’.

Repatriation is the process of returning someone to his or her own country.

Welham Jones has a wealth of experience in the process of both inward and outward repatriation, in particular, the movement of deceased human remains rather than the movement of cremated remains. We offer a full worldwide repatriation services of the highest standards from any of our Kent branches.We repratriate your loved ones from the UK to anywhere in the world and internationally to the UK.

How Much Does It Cost To Send a Dead Body Overseas or Back To The UK?

What are the costs involved for repatriation?

  • The funeral director’s costs for exporting the remains.
  • An agent and/or other funeral director’s costs for handling import of the remains.
  • Coffin purchase.
  • Airline charges and tariffs - based on gross weight of the coffin.
  • Road transportation costs - if repatriating from Scotland, Eire or the near continent.
  • Funeral services and resultant burial or cremation.

You can find our repatriation charges listed along with our other prices and charges.

Our repatriation costs include:

  • Delivery or collection of the remains from a London airport.
  • Liaising with HM Coroner, overseas agents and airlines, plus any other necessary administration and legal documentation handling.
  • Taking the deceased into our care locally (within 10 miles of our office).
  • Certified embalming.

There will be additional charges for a coffin, disbursements in respect of the funeral in the UK or overseas, any direct costs associated with the transfer of the coffin for Consulate seals, translation of official documents and any miscellaneous fees incurred.

When considering inward repatriation, it is worth bearing in mind that a transportation coffin might not be suitable for burial or cremation in this country for environmental reasons.

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