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Deciding Between a Burial or a Cremation

According to the Cremation Society of Great Britain, 75% of the UK population are cremated. For others, often due to religious beliefs, a burial remains the only choice. At Welham Jones Funerals & Memorials, we can guide you through all the arrangements for both types of funeral. If the deceased has not specified their wishes i.e. when there is no will, we can help you make this difficult decision.

Cremation vs Burial : Which is Best For You?

To help you decide between a burial and a cremation, there are a number of things to consider.


  • Burials are generally more expensive than cremations unless your family already possesses a grave with unused space in a cemetery, or your parish church has an open churchyard.
  • If the burial is to take place in a local authority owned cemetery outside the deceased's town or parish, this will cost more.
  • We can arrange to re-open existing graves, including the removal and replacement of an existing memorial.
  • You will need to choose a coffin. We have a  comprehensive range of solid and veneered timber coffins and caskets  , as well as 'green' coffins using renewable materials.
  • Church services usually take approximately forty minutes. Crematoria usually allow 45 minutes for a funeral service although you can purchase additional time, if desired. If you do not want a church service, many cemeteries have chapels or rooms that are suitable for a funeral service.
  • It is worth bearing in mind that there are a growing number of woodland burial sites available, should burial space be an issue. You might also want to consider purchasing additional graves in a cemetery where all your family can be buried together.


  • Elderly relatives and friends may find getting to a crematorium difficult, if transport is an issue.

 - it may be worth holding a church service first, to include a 'lych-gate' committal, so that everyone who wishes to may attend.

  • Deciding what to do with the cremated remains.

 - you will need to purchase an urn to keep/bury them in, or do you intend to scatter them in a place of significance? We have a number of urns for you to choose. Please see our on-line shop for full details.

  • Finding a final resting place for the cremated remains.

- many churches and cemeteries also have memorial gardens for cremated remains.

Until you decide, we will keep the cremated remains for you at no additional cost.

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